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about body butter baby///

compacted with natural butters, body butter baby, llc products sit high on the skincare scale. each body butter contains both mango butter and shea butter. these two butters combined make up one of the most beneficial and rewarding products you could ever treat your skin to. with both butters hailing from West Africa, there couldn't be a more natural product for your skin. check out a few of the properties both body butters contain when used at once.

° deeply moisturizes and softens skin

° high in vitamins a, e, and f (shea butter) and vitamins a, d, e, and f (mango butter)

° anti-inflammatory

° safe for sensitive skin

along with both of these beneficial butters, all body butters also contain essential oils* to add to your experience. a couple of the top natural essential oils, sweet almond and avocado oil, have some of the same properties of their natural butter counterparts. together, along with the essential oils and the healing properties they possess, body butter baby is sure to nurture and moisturize the needs that your skin didn't know it was missing. to capture the obvious scents for the body butter baby products i also use fragrance oils to help with capturing the fruity scents that you’ll love.

shop now with body butter baby, llc to start the simplest, most rewarding act of self-care that will help to improve your mind, body, and soul.

*essential oils are extracted from plants and widely used in skincare products to retain the natural smell of their source.