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frequently asked questions///

what are mango butter and shea butter?

mango butter is a fat deprived from the seeds on a mango tree. while typically semi-solid, mango butter usually melts when it is goes on your skin. mango butter is a soft, white butter that is considered a "soft" butter, compared to its "hard" counterpart, shea butter.

shea butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the african shea tree. there are two types of shea butter, unrefined and refined. unrefined shea butter is more of a yellow color and is usually strong scented, smelling of nuts. this type of shea butter doesn't include any chemicals and includes lots of impurities. refined shea butter is a white color and doesn't have much of a scent, like it's counterpart. it is processed to remove the color and scent and is more appealing to those who wish to add their own colors and scents, making it an easier process.

body butters are known to work as skin moisturizers, as well as healing aids, that are most effective at hydrating and rejuvenating dry, oily, and even sensitive skin. typically, body butter is slightly thicker than other moisturizers (lotions and creams, alike) and can be made up of little to no water at all. when concocting body butters, they are usually packed with organic oils and a host of hydrating and natural ingredients that serve your skin best by locking in moisture.

i just placed an order, how long before i receive my it?

most body butter baby, llc products are made by hand and can take between 7-14 business days to be delivered. this also includes processing time and first class/priority shipping via usps. 

can i edit my order once it is placed?

absolutely! though i’m able to correct information after an order is placed, such as an address, i need to be notified via email within one hour. sometimes on a good day i’m able to ship same-day, so i’ll need to be sure that all information is correct, as soon as possible. please make sure to double check all information before checkout to prevent this from happening, as body butter baby, llc is not responsible for any orders after delivered to usps.

how safe are body butter baby, llc body butters?

i always suggest that you do a patch test before usage of all products, or consult with your doctor. in the event that you notice any skin irritations or changes, do not continue usage. if you have any reservations about applying scented or colored body butter to your skin, there is also a non-scented, non-colored body butter option called, "bare face + body". check it out under the "all whipped body butters" options! 

i just received my order. why is my body butter baby product melted?

during warm weather, products may melt during transit. when you receive an order with melted body butter, refrigerate or store in cool temperature spaces for 30 minutes to an hour. any softening or melting of body butter baby, llc products will not affect the quality of the body butter. 

why does my body butter look a little different each time?

all body butters are handmade. like any product made by hand and not a machine, products may vary in color or consistency with every batch. the quality and formula, however, will always remain consistent!

do body butter baby body butters products clog your pores??

body butter baby, llc body butters, like most body butters, are non-comedogenic, which very specifically means it does not clog pores.

how do i use the body butters?

body butter baby, llc body butters are best when applied to damp skin. it helps to really lock in the moisture on your skin!

how long before my body butter goes bad?

raw shea butter can go bad after about 24 months from being manufactured, if stored properly. as a rule of thumb, i highly suggest to use your body butters within 12 to 20 months.

how do i store my body butter baby products?

please be aware that body butter may melt or become gritty when stored at high temperatures (86-100 degrees). for example, storing body butter in confined spaces, especially during warmer months, may cause it to melt or become gritty. room temperature (70-74 degrees) will be best for storing your body butter baby, llc body butters. if you have any concerns about warm temperatures melting your body butter, you can also store it in the refrigerator. please be aware that body butter will begin to harden when placed in the refrigerator for long periods of time but will not affect the quality of the body butter. 

can i cancel my order?

of course you can! if you want to cancel your order, you will have 24 hours after you receive your confirmation email. if you wait until after the 24 hour time-frame, you will not be able to cancel your order. e-mail support@shopbodybutterbaby.com to send a request for cancellation.

what is your return/refund policy?

due to the nature of most products being handmade, there will be no returns/refunds for any body butter baby, llc products. if you have any concerns or questions about your purchase, please send an e-mail support@shopbodybutterbaby.com and include your first and last name, as well as your order number.

how do i contact you for more specific questions?

feel free to reach me via e-mail at support@shopbodybutterbaby.com or text 202-793-5715. :)

***please test a small area before usage, especially if you are not familiar with the ingredients. 

***please note, during the pandemic and holiday seasons, shipping times may be delayed.